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Making Co-Creation Work for Your Company

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By creative agency Latimer, an SEUK member

Co-creation has become a buzzword, for good reason. With co-creation, your company can better reach your target audience and create products that have a greater impact. The world is more interactive now than in the past, and consumers are no longer content to be passive. Latimer Group has recently been recognised in The Guardian for co-creating films, marketing and branding, so we wanted to share our insights.

What is co-creation?

When your company has a specific audience in mind, co-creation doesn’t assume that your company knows what that audience wants or likes. Instead, your company works with people instead of working “at” them. Through focus groups and hands-on involvement, your message becomes clearer.

At Latimer, our audience is generally young people, so we work directly with them to create films and digital media campaigns from inception to completion. The results have been stronger than they would have been without their inputs, and our youth network appreciates the opportunities to build experience and professional portfolios.

Cutting costs?

Besides boosting quality, co-creation can also help your company cut costs. You won’t have to go back to the drawing board as much when your audience participates in the creative process.

Brand recognition

Especially with branding, co-creation is key to unleashing market potential. Your company will be more in-tune with the consumers’ likes and dislikes, and less likely to waste money, time and resources on unproductive efforts. If your audience feels connected to your product or service, those people are more likely to recommend your company via word of mouth or social media.

Co-creation is essential in today’s market. Make it work for your company and feel the results.

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