Introduction Within the emerging social investment market, the same words frequently mean different things to different people. In particular, the label 'social enterprise' can be especially problematic. In part, this is because there is no shared understanding of the underlying business models beneath the 'social enterprise' umbrella. For investors, as the number of organisations labelled as 'social enterprises'proliferates, it…
By Social Enterprise UK The Public Services (Social Value Act) was passed at the end of February 2012. This is a brief guide to how it is likely to change things and how it should workin practice. It will be followed by more guidance and help as we get nearer to the Bill being implemented. If you would like more…
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Natural Health Nordic Walking

By Christine Pestano  PRIME Jan 2014   Introduction to the business What will I do and why?Inspired by my own struggles with injury and fitness, this simple practice has helped me.Croydon has high knee and back injury rates.35% less pressure on kneesCroydon is the least fit borough in London!    
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Supporting Yourself as a Social Entrepreneur

by Charles Oham & Don MacDonald Sponsored by the Westminster Drug Project learning goal ›Explain why it is important to set up support structures ›Analyse the concept of a learning organisation ›Identify sources of support and mentoring for your social enterprise career ›Reflect upon what you have learnt  
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Introduction to starting a social enterprise

By Charles Oham Objectives At the end of this workshop participants will be able to: Explain what a social enterprise is and compare it with other forms of businesses Develop a vision statement for a social enterprise initiative through ideas generation and team activity. Explain the various functions essential to running a social enterprise - Marketing, Finance, Operations and Human…
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Modelling Your Social Enterprise

By Charles Oham Objectives In this presentation, I am going to explain to you: Some models social enterprises use to achieve their objectives How you can model your social enterprise Exactly how modelling increases your organisations ability to raise capital and resources My personal social enterprise journey and roles  
By Charles Oham Objective To describe our journey of supporting student social enterprise (SE) activity.   Rationale Aligning universities provision with wider environmental drivers e.g. Political Providing students with employment options Addressing youth unemployment Enabling social innovation    
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Revitalising Social Enterprises - Don Macdonald

How to Revitalise a Social Enterprises?   Develop new income streams, both training & contracts Revitalise Marketing, both for retail & contracts Attract new resources Borrow other peoples' ideas & keep updating activity Networking & Partnership