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About Capital Literacy

Capital awareness for social entrepreneurs.

The most critical challenge a social entrepreneur will ever face is how to raise the initial fund to achieve their objectives in addressing social needs. Capital Literacy provides resources and training to help social entrepreneurs unlock other forms of capital potential to meet their needs.

  • These are some facts that give social entrepreneurs no rest:
  • Over 1 million youths are without jobs in the United Kingdom (ONS)
  • 1.4 billion People around the world are living in extreme poverty (World Bank)
  • 7.5 million Children die each year mostly from malnutrition and preventable diseases (WHO)

An understanding and use of different forms of capital will free up so much resources that will do so much GOOD! Let’s work together with all capitals; so that the social good that we do; can go much further!

Project Funded By

Social Enterprise, University of Greenwich

Funded by Higher Education Entrepreneurship Group (HEEG)