The big problem & solution


The Problem

Social entrepreneurs need funds for: tackling unemployment and economic inactivity amongst people who want to work, fighting mal-practices by businesses –pollution in the developing world and collusion by their Governments, providing clean drinking water and healthcare, addressing marginalisation by the Government; of people groups, poor treatment of orphans, children and women by society in the developing world and much more. It can also be too difficult for excluded and marginalised people groups to access finance to start innovative projects that empower their communities.

The Big Challenge!

With the worlds challenges today; not many people are "Capital Literate". Our training and culture focuses on financial literacy to the detriment of other type's capital.

The Big Solution!

What of if one capital could replace another; for example social capital is used in place of economic capital or cultural capital can be used to replace economic capital? Using one form of available capital in place of will enable social entrepreneurs to do much more at a faster pace and scale than what we are currently experiencing. The good news is that capitals can be translated from one form to another form of capital; for example, social capital which is the level of trust between individuals such as families can be used to raise funds for a project with no collateral. Human capital; such as in the case of a Lawyer offering their time to provide free legal services to a community replaces the financial cost of paying for legal services(economic capital) by the beneficiaries. There is evidence to show that there is a need for "Capital Literacy Training".